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Welcome to a unique gastronomic experience with the Traditional Botargo of Mesolongi, a product that embraces the rich gastronomic heritage of Mesolongi. This authentic botargo, prepared with traditional methods and high-quality ingredients, will take you on a journey to an unprecedented world of taste.

The exquisite composition of Botargo reveals a distinctive flavor with intense marine notes, rich aromas, and a velvety texture. From its golden-yellow to golden-red color, Avgotaracho is a dance of shades that reflects the nature of this unique product.

Without preservatives but with the protection of 100% natural beeswax, Avgotaracho maintains its natural moisture, ensuring each bite carries an authentic taste.

Enriched with proteins, energy, omega-3 fatty acids, and essential nutrients, the Traditional Botargo of Mesolongi is more than a gastronomic product – it is the vibrant taste of a region that lives at the heart of tradition.

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