We are a family business based of principles, values, with love and respect for the gifts of nature. Messolonghi has the largest natural salt pans of Greece and the largest in Europe. The natural crude salt , a gift with which Messolonghi is blessed, allows us to produce the salt ”Xiros” from the salt pans of Messolonghi in its purest shape. Salt is obtained by drying seawater in the Sun.

Vasilis Xiros, born and bred in the Holy City of Messolonghi, having privately owned innovative facilities within walking distance from the salt pans and having absolute devotion to quality and respect to the customer, brings you the natural crude salt ”Xiros” , rich in precious minerals and trace elements ( potassium, calcium, magnesium). These valuable ingredients are in the ideal proportion that the human body needs to function properly and at the same time to shield your health by accompanying all your delicious creations.

The salt blossom Fleur-de-sel is widely known as the top quality salt and the king of salt. It has a special light taste, melts in the mouth, creating a unique feeling. It is crude collected on the surface of the water in the salt pans and is collected strictly by hand.

Our pure and crude salt, travels to every corner of Greece. The packaging is divided into different grain sizes,thin, medium,coarse. Many options of different granulometry but same quality.

So we can offer you salt of excellent quality and taste,of your own desired granulometry while maintaining all its beneficial ingredients.

The natural crude salt accompanying your tasty creations and gives you a healty taste!!


We produce our last in plastic or aluminum packaging in bulk size form 500gr up to 25kg, in mills, plastic salt shakers and glass jars.


This is a completely natural material as it doesn’t undergo any treatment. It’s carefully collected by hands from the top of the salt pan and it’s packaging from 500gr to 5kg and in 200gr jars.


Our experience in the proper management of salt helped us to prepare mixtures of spicys and colourful peppers, creating compinations which can take the taste of your food to another level.


Our products have already been in various points of sale in our country. The craft we have created offers us the opportunity to ship your products in large quantities wherever needed. We can supply small businesses and Super Markets too.

For more information please contact us. We are absolutely sure that the quality of our products shouldn’t been missing from your store.

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